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Rules & Regulations for Replay Panda Toys & Books Subscription

Replay Panda operates as a comprehensive online library. Please note that Table Top Games will not be included for users subscribing to the Toys & Books plan. The fee structure for our library service is as follows:

    a) A one-time non-refundable registration charge of Rs. 1000/- for new members.

    b) A compulsory refundable security deposit of Rs. 2,000/-.

   c) Our subscription plans are as follows:


| Duration | Subscription Fees 

| 1 month | ₹ 1100 * 1 =  ₹ 1100 

| 3 Months | ₹ 900 * 3 = ₹ 2700

| 6 Months | ₹ 800 * 6 = ₹ 4800

| 12 Months | ₹ 700 * 12 =  ₹ 8400


    d) Subscription fees, once paid, are non-refundable. For more subscription details.

    e) Any valid legal ID proof is required for registration.

    f) The security deposit will be refunded upon account closure, providing all toys/books borrowed during the membership period are returned in satisfactory condition. Deductions will be made for any loss or damage to the items. The deposit will be refunded within 15 working days, following the return of the original deposit receipt.

Your membership commences from the day you register. Delivery charges and typical delivery charge would be about to be five rupees 250 per delivery which is amounting to 500 which is already included as part of the subscription fee. We do not deliver larger toys like slides, trampolines, ride-ons, see-saws, cars, or large dollhouses. Multiple copies of the same toy are not permitted. Commercial use of any toy is strictly prohibited and could result in a fine.

Ensure to count and check toys & books at the time of delivery. Replay Panda is not responsible for any loss or damages after acceptance of delivery. If a toy or book, or any part of it, is not returned, it will be included in your next order.

If a toy or book or any part of it is not returned on the appointed date. It will be renewed for a further period of two weeks next delivery will be according to that for example, if if you redeem one time and one book.

Any loss or damage to a toy/book will be fully charged as per the current market rate (Indian market price), along with any additional charges (e.g., pouch/box/lamination, etc.). For imported books & toys, the price set by Replay Panda will be final. This loss or damage payment must be made within 15 days to keep your account status ACTIVE. All items collected to damage will be, will have to be paid in cash and will not be adjusted against the deposit. 

Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

Members are allowed to create a wishlist of toysand books which will be included in the deliveriesalong with the suggestions along with the toys and books suggested by the play consult. The subscription offered is a mix of books and toys. 

Batteries for electronic toys are not provided. Please remove batteries before returning toys. If you wish to take a break, inform us strictly via email 15 days prior to the completion of your term. the break will depend on the plan that you’ve taken as some of the law. some of the plans have the PAUSE.

Sharing of membership is strictly prohibited. If found, your membership will be terminated without refund, and any remaining subscription amount will be forfeited.

Replay Panda reserves the right to change these rules and regulations as needed.

By subscribing to Replay Panda’s services, you confirm that you have read and agree to abide by the above terms and conditions.

*Taxes will be extra.